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Bruynzeel Keukens: Mastering Complexity

Ess, Barbara and Glenn Branca, eds. Thought Objects. Minor rubbing along spine. San Diego - Some minor toning and wear but excellent condition overall.

All 19 issues published of this monthly San Diego Rock music magazine which, in addition to documenting standard rock acts, was the first to document the nascent local punk scene and clubs like the Skeleton Club and bands like the Dils and Zeros. Number 1 all published. Publisher: Badass Productions, nd [c. On front pages in blue ink handwritten "Sleak! The first and last issue of this zine which parodied first wave punk in the UK.

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The title is an obvious reference to the seminal punk zine Sniffin' Glue. Probably issued by the performance group comedy act Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, perhaps in conjunction with the play Snuff Rock, which lampooned punk and snuff films. The "fanzine" was handed out to the audience in lieu of a programme.

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Nunero unico [only number published], Torino, Edizioni Tarzan, ; 69x52 cm. Mural journal for the rock-music scene in Italy, printed on one side in heliogravure with light discoloration , photomontages, and photographs: all concerning Rock and Punk music groups.

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In original wrappers a few somewhat finger-soiled, but generally in very good condition. Very rare complete set of the start.. Added supplement: LUI. Mode Masculine. One issue 2 slightly worn, rest in very good condition and complete with all centerfolds. Quebec, Mainmise, Each 48 pages, illustrated. All numbers with a different illustrated over. Complete collection of this periodical of the counter-culture movement of Quebec, advocating and reporting on alternative lifestyles and utopian ideology.

Abundantly illustrated a.

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Cobb, Guynard, M. Special issues on all the topics of the time: drugs, free sex, free schools, ecological issues, the media, womens liberation, etc. All in good condition except for some flaws to the covers of numbers and 52 and ballpen mark on number Number 4 has the folding Quebec-Marijuana-banner which was a supplement. Los Angeles, Los Alamitos, A mint set.


Photographed and published by Bruce of Los Angeles this publication started to openly publish male physique photography in pin-up style. Issues are also numbered as Volume, and average pages. San Francisco, MRR, first number not dated ca. Endemic browning, some ragged edges and minor spine damage, a few numbers with closed tears, chipped corners. Altogether an excellent clean set with only minor damage to two numbers as detailed at the bottom of the footnote.

MRR's year plus history and large, obsessed all-volunteer staff has made its punk rock coverage the most consistently up-to-date and reliable around. Several major media conglomerates control most music produced today. In contrast, MRR reinforces the values of the punk underground by remaining independent and not-for-profit. Maximumrocknroll started in as a punk rock radio show - one of the first and best of all time. Punk antiheroes regularly visited as guest DJs, and the roster of touring bands interviewed on the show reads like the track list on a classic old comp.

The show was notable for the immediacy of the music, a dedication to international coverage rare at the time , and for explicitly interjecting progressive politics into the dialogue of punk. The show became hugely successful in the underground, and eventually was broadcast from stations across the U. The comp included 47 Nevada and Northern California bands, many of whom went on to ruin thousands of impressionable kids for productive civic life by releasing some of the best punk records ever…..

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The Maximumrocknroll columns section has served as the punk scene's gossipy party line for decades…. By remaining stable on the one hand, flipping the bird with the other, MRR's controversial personality has affected-or infected-the history of punk rock for all time. Added: Collectors Issue Number 8. Noted Damages: no 2 has a tear in first 2 pages without loss of text or image, no.

Self Published , Severna Park, Maryland. Printed wraps as issued. Editor in chief: Jeffrey Vanderclute. Fanzine, from the suburbs of late 80s Baltimore. Produced during a transition period in Metal there are interviews with Megadeth, Sepultura, Autopsy, Epedemic, gigs and demo reviews, photographs, notes from a sick mind, grizzly cartoons and more.

Original pictorial wrappers in good condition some just very lightly shaven ; roy-8vo. Thematic issues, e. San Francisco, August 8,August Stapled in left upper corner only no. First issue is in colour photocopy, rest is in original issues as published, excellent condition and clean. Covers the local alternative music scene.

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  • Considered to be the precursor to later alternative journalism Crawdaddy and Rolling Stone and later fanzines. Issues between 3 and 34 pages. The first issue was published August 8, as a mimeographed newssheet of two pages with concert announcements at the Matrix, Fillmore and Avalon. This issue in colour facsimile. Report of the publication of "The I.

    Mick Jagger photo front cover. Jim Kweskin interview; Dootone Records; news, reviews, gossip, events. Paris, Pierre Laffitte, comprising nos. Bound set lacking 6 issues ; years with the illustrated front-covers. With numerous illustrations. Slightly trimmed, one issue damaged. Added: 93 scattered issues of the supplements 'Album Musica'.

    Scarce collection of this illustrated monthly published by Lafitte, devoted to popular and classical music, opera, lyrical theatre, performances, etc. Renders the best possible panorama of musical life in France before the war. The 'Albums' usually contain musical scores. Jahrgang no.

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    Till in the original publ. Exceptionally long ongoing series with the supplements; these include plates, portraits, facsimiles, musical notations, etc. Schuster, later by J. Plates and supplements are often difficult identifiable, which makes an absolutely accurate collation impossible. This set however makes the impression of near completeness for the supplements. Publication was interrupted from , and went on till Fellinger, Light soilage and some browning at the edges but otherwise a good set. Edited by Paul F.